Reaching next users: Seeking collaborations and applications. Workshop RTB CC2.1. Phase 2. 14–17 March 2019, Ibadan, Nigeria

The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Banana (RTB) CC2.1 community gathered at the campus of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)–Ibadan for their yearly meeting. The meeting was used to update each other on the progress on the various tool‐development activities and their applications. In three sessions with parallel presentations the participants got a flavor for what all is in the RTB toolbox, representing a snapshot of its content, purpose and users, complemented with a heat map. Discussion time was used to consider what the toolbox is expected to do: Is it answering our questions? Who are the next users of the tools or of the knowledge that the tools generate? An update on gender in breeding, gender tools, and knowledge management in the RTB seed system cluster marked the end of this part of the workshop. The rest of the time was used to flesh out lines of collaborative work for the year and beyond, culminating in action plans. Day 3 was used for a learning journey with the chance to see several activities on the IITA campus. The workshop also included a statistical R course, implemented by the University of Florida (UF) team, which was open as well to those other than RTB CC2.1 members.